Super Combo
Limitless Adrenalin…
Endless fun with 4 in 1 ride
Super combo, world’s first 4-in-1 water slide became one of Europe’s best designed slides. Get ready for an indescribable adventure just after a colorful start.

Your body Shaking from the speed… Unwind while Screaming
You will reach speeds of up to 80 km/h in a few seconds.

Experience the feeling of vertical freefall while sliding.
What would you think about when you will reach the end?
You will want to ride it over and over again…

Crazy Raft 
Would you like to be thrilled with your loved ones without Brakes?
It has been produced by using RTM technology.
Sharp turns make thrill seekers/ adrenaline junkies crazy.
Remember it has its own lift to transport all the boats up for enabling it to be more accessible for you.
There is nothing more exciting then taking a place on a Crazy Raft… 

Master Blast
Experience the up and down thrills on Master Blast.
Not Enough?
So Let the Master Blast to thrill you once again…

All you can scream
This vertical freefall slide makes your journey unforgettable. Experience a awesome sensation of zero gravity.
It seems to return to the starting point.

Challenge without Brakes!
Are you ready to take part in it?
Start your day with the ultimate excitement rush on the awesome  Pro Racer.
Challenge your fellow riders and be the first to catch the checkered flag.
Remember you are goanna plunge head first down!

Space Bowl
Warm Summer, Cool Slide
That drops you into deep pool like no other.
Each experience will be unforgettable.

Black Knights
Crazy wıth Excitement
Make your way to the Scream of Darkness and take on the thrilling Dark Knight as you are sent into a pitch black spiral of darkness.
Get ready for this adventure…

Black Thunder
Do not let the Darkness suppress your screaming.
It might be the smart move to just let the current take you where it will. Any direction works as long as it’s wet.
A lot of heart thumping twists and turns all day.  

Please check the Aqua Fantasy Aquapark website for other slides and more details:


  • Pick up from your hotel approximately at 09:00 a.m. for the transfer.
  • Aqua Fantasy Aquapark
  • Return transfer back to the Hotel at 17:00

Tour Fee Including (20 US Dollars per Person):

  • Transportation
  • Entrance fee

Please register for the tour(s) during the conference days at the registration desk. The tours will be organized by a professional tour company which is the member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB).